Ensuring Everyone’s Safety in a Swing

girl on a swing

Almost everyone has some kind of great memory involving swings, though there are also a few whose memories are better forgotten. The latter are the kind of memories that usually involve some type of accident that caused some painful injury during childhood.

However, despite these accidents, swings are still the best choice for children to play with. This is why mothers often go to great lengths just to ensure that their kids are swinging safely. The question is: how to ensure safety?

ensuring safety in a swing

The answer to this sounds simple enough: choose a swing-set, which is appropriate for your child’s age, but it can get a bit more complicated than that if there is more than one child and there is only enough budget for one swing-set.

That is why it is best to discuss the matter with your spouse first before having a swing installed. Parents had it easy in the old days since all they had to do was to tie an old rubber tire onto a sturdy tree branch and that’s it. This is out of the question for people living in highly urbanized areas where big trees are no longer part of the scenery.

The following are just some of the questions that couples can discuss before buying a swing-set:

  • Are the neighborhood kids expected to come over every now and then to play with your kid? If not, will play-dates be set up with friends?
  • How many children are they planning to have? For couples who already have kids, are their ages spaced far apart?
  • How big is their yard? It doesn’t take much space to have an outdoor swing for kids.

Lastly, couples should also ask whether they are aiming to make the swing-set a daily routine, which diminishes the need to go to the local park. These questions are necessary for determining the type of swing to buy, what the swing’s capacity should be, as well as its dimensions.

tire swing

Families who live in homes without a sizeable yard do not have to worry about the lack of space. They can opt to buy swings that are appropriate for indoor use, such as canopy swings and porch swings. One advantage of choosing these types of swings is that it can easily carry more than 2 or 3 children at a time. These swings are also often made from sturdy material and are safe even for toddlers and young children to use. Just be sure to have an adult supervising the activity at all times.

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