How to Clean a Baby Swing


You rely on your baby swing (check them out here) to soothe and calm your child when they are not in your arms so it’s important to keep it clean and germ-free. If you own one, you already know how messy it can get and that it’s not always easy to clean. Infants make a … Read more

How to Hang a Swing From a Tree

swing hanging from a tree

That large tree in your yard can do more than just provide shade on hot sunny days. It is the perfect place to hang a swing. Tree swings can transform your outdoor space into a fun play area both for the young and the young-at-heart but you need to install them without damaging the tree … Read more

How a swing for baby helps you relax

chinese baby in a swing

Having a baby is a beautiful time of life. It’s a 24-hour job nonetheless. While your baby certainly enjoys your warm arms, there are times when you have to put it somewhere! And you already know, what that can lead to. A lot of crying. That’s what baby swings are for. Babies love it, and … Read more

A Day to Babysit

baby sitting on the ground

Babysitting is not and will never be my forte. I mean, babies are cute and adorable. There is no doubt about that. But taking care of them and watching them from afar are two different things. Behind those adorable laughs hides a mischievous attitude that they may unleash any time of the day. But since … Read more

The Earlier The Better

swinging in a playground

Relying on a baby swing is a common method of parents who want their babies to eat, sleep, or to just stay in one place without screaming or crying. There are probably millions of parents around the world who want to send their gratitude to the genius who invented the baby swing. But just like all … Read more

The Therapeutic Effects of Swinging

swinging therapy

During your childhood years, how many times have you gone swinging? Do you still use the swing now as an adult? You probably have fond memories of swinging as a child. Swinging was an all time favorite of kids and adults alike. Do you still remember the feel of the wind brushing against your skin … Read more

Happy Childhood Memories on the Swing Set

As a kid, I always looked forward to going home to our ancestral house in the province. It was a quaint town with a big community playground right in front of our house. As soon as our dad parked the car in our grandma’s house’s garage, me and my two siblings would rush out and … Read more

When To Stop

climb out

Decision on when the baby should stop using the baby swing (or baby rocker) is a difficult one. Parents cannot just suddenly decide on that day that it is time to stop using the swing and throw the swing away the very next day. There are also some parents who rely on baby swings so much … Read more

Swings for adults

hammock relaxation

When thinking about swings, playground swings often come to mind. Children use these exterior swings to go back and forth and end up extremely high in the air. They are looking for action and maybe even a little risk. They get very creative with how they decide to play. Sometimes they will use the swings … Read more

Different kinds of swings

swing variations

When thinking about swings, it is common to think about outside baby swings with the plastic or wooden seats and the metal or rope chains hanging above from the swing set structure. These swing back and forth and the objective is to go as high as possible. While these traditional swings are fun, there are … Read more