Swings for adults

When thinking about swings, playground swings often come to mind. Children use these exterior swings to go back and forth and end up extremely high in the air.

dog on a swing

They are looking for action and maybe even a little risk. They get very creative with how they decide to play. Sometimes they will use the swings by twisting the ropes and then making themselves extremely dizzy. Other times, they might choose to stand on the swings or lay down on their stomachs.

hamster on a swing

While these are enjoyable activities for kids to do on the swing set, it is hard for many adults to go on these regular swings because it makes them feel motion sick. It is a good thing there are swings for adults: The porch swing and the hammock!


The classic porch swing is the perfect swing for adults. It may not be as exciting as some swings such as the traditional playground swing, but it still provides adults with entertainment.

The porch swing is an opportunity for adults to sit outside on the porch and relax. Summer evenings after it has cooled down are the best times for adults to sit with their loved ones and talk about the day. This is an opportunity to watch people go up and down the street as well as see what their neighbors are up to.

Even the kids can be outside playing in the yard (or on their swing set) and the parents can watch them. The adults can swing slightly in their porch swing if they want. However, they will not feel sick like many adults do when they go on the playground swings. It is just an opportunity to relax.

hammock relaxation

If that is not relaxing enough, there is always the hammock. There are hammocks that need to attach to two trees and allows the adult to lay down and sleep or nap. It only swings a little (it seems to really swing when you try to get on it though). There are also hammocks that are already attached to a pole and allow for someone to just sit in it. This type of hammock has a backrest so the individual will feel comfortable.

Swinging slightly is optional for both types but will never reach the extreme of making the relaxing adult feel sick. Hammocks can be used any time of the day. A person can pour themselves a large cold drink and set up their hammock underneath a large shady tree. The whole purpose of hammocks is just to give some rest and relaxation to those that desperately need it.

The porch swing and the hammock are just perfect for all adults. They both allow a little swinging but mostly provide the rest that many adults desire after a long, hard work day. Adults will also not feel sick on their own swings like they would on the kids’ swings. The kids can keep their outdoor swings and the adults can enjoy their own personal form of relaxing entertainment on their own porch swings and hammocks.

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