Swing Games to Introduce to your Bored Child

kid swing gamesThe swing is the ultimate toy in the park that every kid just has to get into. Kids often have to compete fiercely with each other just to have that coveted swing seat. Some parents prefer to avoid these kinds of confrontations at the park by installing a swing that their kids can enjoy at home. The homemade swing does not even have to be a high-end thing as long as it can swing to and fro.

The thing is kids easily get bored of their toys regardless of how coveted it is. This is especially true if they have the toy all to themselves and there is nobody around to compete with.

The question now is: how do you maintain a child’s interest in a swing? The answer is simple: introduce some really interesting swing games that the two of you will enjoy.

Swing games:

playground swing

  • Playing Superman – Kids have actually been doing this on the swing for as long as anyone can remember. It involves having your toddler lie with his stomach on the seat of the swing. He should then stretch his arms and legs high up. Push the swing a little so that he can fly, just like Superman! Best played outside on an exterior swing due to the need for space.
  • Tower Kicking – This game requires some props, such as empty boxes and the like. Moms will have to build a tower from these boxes a few feet away from the swing. The goal is for the child to kick the boxes while swinging as high as he could so that that tower will tumble down. He can try dismantling the tower from any position on the swing, including the Superman pose.
  • Whirlwind swinging – This game is something that most moms are hesitant to do because of the inherent danger that it poses. That’s why it is best to have a child do it with your supervision. It simply involves the age-old tradition of sitting on the swing seat and turning it around several times. Once the child releases his foothold on the ground, the swing will then spin in a whirlwind. This can be quite an amazing experience, which is why a lot of children do it despite parental warnings.

dog on a swing

As these swing games prove, playing with a child does not have to involve a lot of expense. Parents can simply introduce new ways of playing with toys that their children have already grown bored with. This does not only rekindle their children’s love for the toys, but it also serves as a great mother-and-child bonding strategy.

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