Jeniffer’s Childhood Memories

Do you remember wonderful memories of playing on the swings as a child? Do you remember swinging so high that you began bouncing off the seat? Did you ever believe that you would end up flipping right over the top? Remember that tingly feeling you would experience in your feet after you jumped off when you were really high?

girl on a swing

Despite video games and other technology that takes away from outside play currently, children still grow up on swings and are able to build wonderful memories.

The first swing that many children experience would be the indoor baby swing for infants. These swings are perfect for grumpy babies when parents’ arms are getting tired from rocking the baby back and forth in order to get the baby to sleep and achieve some peace and quiet.

Some of these swings are even on a timer so that it is not necessary to even push it. Even though probably no person recollects the time when they were in a baby swing, it is still the very first time of swinging. Plus, parents will always have that memory of their baby.

children swing

Then, as the child grows up, there are the outdoor toddler swings that keep the child safely buckled in the swing. Again, many will not remember these memories of smiling and laughing while begging to go higher and higher while parents or older brothers and sisters pushed them.

During this time though, the young child got to experience swinging in their own personal swing designed just for them while playing right beside their older siblings on the regular swings beside them.

kids swinging underneath the truck

Finally, as the child grows up, they have become daredevils as they try out playground swings in multiple different ways. Of course, there is the basic swinging of going back and forth and trying to see how high the swing will go and then jumping off and landing in a way that makes the feet hurt and tingle.

Then, there is the rush as the head is tilted back and girls try to have their long hair graze the grass or dirt (depending on how many kids have drug their feet on the ground to stop). Some kids will twist their swing chains up very tightly and then feel very dizzy as the swing twirls around quickly. After that, there is the swinging where the child lays down on their stomach and walks the swing back and forth, dragging their feet on the ground. There is no standard way of swinging for kids. There are just so many fun things to try.

Playing on the swings is just a normal part of life for all children. Whether it would be the baby indoor swing, the outdoor baby swing, or the regular swing, it is an opportunity to build fond memories. Remember that time as a child when you were flying through the air without a care in the world? Children are still able to experience all of that on this timeless piece of playground equipment!

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